Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles can be rented?

4 Delorean vehicles are available:

- Standard DMC-12 Delorean (for static display or rides)

- Delorean Time Machine Replica (for static display or rides)

- Delorean 4x4 Monster Truck (for static or dynamic displays)

- Delorean Limousine (for static display only at this time)

Is this a rental agency or an actual Delorean owner?

I have been the owner of my Delorean since 1993 and converted it to a Time Machine Replica in 2015.  My business colleague has built and owned the world's only Delorean limo and Delorean 4x4 Monster Truck since the 1990's.  We each have over 25 years of experience displaying, building and driving Delorean vehicles safely.

NOTE: Be wary of any Delorean rental company that tries to rent you a Delorean that he/she may not own - as they may not know the details of how to properly setup/run the Delorean for an event.  Plus, if that person is not bringing his personal vehicle directly to you, how can you be sure that the event will be run safely or that the vehicle even shows up?

What rental options are available?

The Delorean Time Machine replica has 3 rental options: 

OPTION 1: Static Display with doors closed

OPTION 2: Static Display with doors open for vehicle access

OPTION 3: Dynamic ride to drive you where your heart desires

Prop's available for an additional charge:

- Back to the Future Arcade Video Game

- 10' x 20' vinyl Clock Tower tarp

- 5' x 5' vinyl fire tracks behind vehicle

- Yellow Plutonium Box

- Plastic protection stanchions

- Sony video camera

- Back to the Future I and II movie posters

What rental features are included?

Every Delorean Time Machine replica rental includes:

- LED lights (inside & outside vehicle)

- Glowing Flux Capacitor

- Mr. Fusion Replica

- Functional Time Circuits 

- Time Circuit Switch

- Wormhole Emitter

- Rear Reactor Vents

- Green Tubes & Capacitors

- Plutonium Gages

- Front and Rear Flux Fields and Boxes

- Functional 88mph Digital Speedometer

- LED Spectrum Indicator Display

- Sports Almanac

- Back to the Future music/sound effects playing inside vehicle

- Time Travel electronics simulation inside vehicle

Also included (at no charge for Rental OPTIONS 2 & 3):

- Hoverboard Replica for VIP pictures

- Doc Brown lab coat and glasses for VIP pictures

- Marty McFly outfit and glasses for VIP pictures

- Nike Air Mag replica shoes

- Einstein lifelike stuffed animal

- Time Machine operator dressed as Marty McFly for the entire event

What event types have you done?

We have rented vehicles for:

- Corporate events

- Birthday parties

- Graduation parties

- Weddings

- Technical conventions

- Comic-cons

- Sales conferences

- Client receptions

- Marketing & promotional events

- Employee appreciation parties

- Award ceremonies 

- Fundraisers

- Bar Mitzvahs

- High School reunions

- Golf outings

- Holiday parties

- Parades

- Producing videos and film

Note: it is possible to connect your own music player to the vehicle's external speakers during any event to promote your agenda or just tune into 80's music!

From what U.S. locations can the vehicles be rented?

Most of our rentals have been in the Midwest, but we have trailered our vehicles across the entire U.S., from California to New York, Florida and many states in between.

Were these Deloreans on TV?

- Yes, the Delorean Time Machine replica seen here was seen on many local Chicago TV stations in 2015 during many Back to the Future 30th anniversary celebrations and in 2016 during the Cubs World Series run.  (And, no, unfortunately it is not the vehicle from Back to the Future.) 

- Yes, the Delorean 4x4 Monster Truck and Limousine have been seen on TV as well as on Barcroft Cars.


From Claudia Wells (a.k.a Jennifer Parker from Back to the Future):

"...this is his amazing Time's one of the most beautiful ones I've seen - and, you know, I've been in one or two the last 30 years."

From a two-time rental customer:

"You completely surpassed my expectations about the night and also working with you... and I really do appreciate it very, very, very much.  I think it truly enhanced the party and ... I definitely think that it will be one that people will remember for many, many years to come ... that was the goal and I think that we accomplished it.  And I couldn't have done it without all of your help.  So thank you very much."  

Please see the "CLIENTS & CHARITIES" section of this website for a partial list of past customers.

How can we rent a vehicle?

Please click onto the "CONTACT US" section of this website and enter detailed information about your event.  If for some reason you do not get an email or message within 24 hours, please call Seven Zero Eight 785-6110.